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Charles Lewis Dottson III
Musical Bio
I guess I should start by saying I started my journey by taking private drum lessons, my mother told me if I was to play drums I need to learn to read music so starting this as early as 5yrs old; I stayed with the lessons all through grade school and high school, thus my studies continued beyond high school. There is no doubt that once you’ve heard the grooves of Charles Dottson it will be an experience. Charles was born in Susanville California raised in Denver Colorado. He has played in marching bands, drum and bugle corps, jazz ensembles and orchestra.
He has played with many local artist as well as
Denver’s own national smooth jazz group
Dotsero plus the CU jazz workshop, also the Drifters. Charles takes no time to just fit in with any situation at a moments notice, he continues to learn and grow in the music field to make the grade on what is necessary to keep working in a very competitive arena. I had worked with a group once that consisted of Middle Eastern culture; this band had a name “Maxcimum” which was comprised with the first letter of each member’s name. This was a great experience that allowed me to share their flavor of East Indian grooves and sounds mixed with some funk grooves with a dash of jazz. This was so cool, I took that to a country band I played with “Bitter Creek” and embraced them with rock/country grooves.
It’s really nice when you get with several individuals that take it to another level and decide to go out-the-box and come up with nice results. I stay with the mind-set to have the solid pocket that holds the rhythm section together; this is paramount to the structure of a tight band sound. I listen very well; you can’t come into a situation and expect to dump a million chops into what is just a good groove. I’ve listen to my heroes and mentors, such as Billy Cobham, Leon “Ndugu” Chandler and also Harvey Mason.
Time has been good to Charles now being a part of the growing Internet radio station KZKOradio.com/MSE Maximum Sound Entertainment with his own show “The Flavor Of Jazz Cuisine” a great mix of Smooth, Fusion and Modern jazz appeal, with caring the title of MSE Radio network show Consultant. He still is a co-host with the show “A Funk Above The Rest” with Skip the Funktologist, which is also on the same station.
Still not sitting still with any grass growing under his feet, holding a seat as one of the board members of “South Western Arts Group” aka SWAG in the historical area of Westminster Colorado, and not stopping at this juncture he has been a part of the promotional team with A Funk Above The Rest along with Cedric Pride Entertainment, pulling in artist like Fra nkie Beverly featuring Maze, Cameo and Lakeside. Oh he also is working on getting back in the drumming game, what else is next?
On-Air Schedule
Saturday 07:00pm - 09:00pm The Flavor Of Jazz Cuisine

DJ Go Getta

We RRoll hard Boguard and Stand our ground! Real Ruff Radio is how it's going down baby! Join the crew as we "Get Wild" Double R style and get you ready to hit the club or get busy In Da Streets! Every Sat from 5 to 7pm. And you'll never know what were gonna do... So Tune I'm and become apart of the Mile High Double R Movement. " Youuuu Noowwwww!!!
On-Air Schedule
Saturday 05:00pm - 07:00pm Real Ruff Radio


MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT. As an independent radio station we are not subject to corporate “cookie-cutter" programming dictates therefore our product is crafted by a group of creative,
hands-on, people passionate about great radio and about playing the most new music first.. MSE Radio Network has been introducing new talent and helping careers launch in the broadcasting industry, presenting fun contests with great prizes, providing the latest news, and focusing on content appropriate to all ages.​
We take our service to the community seriously with street teams in both Denver and surrounding areas, and Community Events updates broadcast 24/7. KZKO "The Vibe" actively supports, and participates in a wide variety of community initiatives and fundraising events throughout the year.
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Sunday 12:00am - 09:00am KZKO Programming
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The KZKO Report with Skip & Rob
This program spotlights, highlights, and showcase’s businesses, their products and services to an attentive and appreciative audience. We provide much needed exposure to smaller yet relevant companies deserving of reaching a larger number of potential customers and consumers. Interview’s, in studio demonstrations, and the like, are presented for the benefit of those who otherwise, might not have much opportunity for media exposure. KZKO as a premier digital broadcast station is committed to supporting the local community and beyond - to its international group of listeners!

To be a guest on The KZKO Report fill out the contact form and tell us about your business.
On-Air Schedule
Thursday 07:00pm - 08:00pm The KZKO Report

Skip Reeves

A Funk Above The Rest – The Funkiest Show On Radio!
A Funk Above The Rest is “screaming and streaming” all over the airwaves! Hosted by Skip The Funktologist, the show is a perfect mixture of funk & soul music from the past to the present by both major & independent artists. One of the many enjoyable aspects of the show is its natural, real, and personal feel! The way radio should sound! Trivia questions, mystery artists, interviews with major, independent artists, and on air giveaways, are also popular features of the show. In today’s commercial radio climate, whatever happened to the music? A Funk Above The Rest does radio the way radio is supposed to be done. It is informative, fun, and funky! Instead of repeating the same songs over and over – we’re leading the way in new music discovery! Listen in and win CD’s, DVD’s, tickets to concerts, as well as other great prizes! A Funk Above The Rest was the one and only official promoter of The After After Party Compilation CD sponsored by The Arkiteks Music Group and McDonalds. We are also, the only radio show in the whole United States of America sponsored by Funky Town Grooves Record Label based out of London England. We were an official promoter of Motown’s 50th Year Anniversary Celebration for 2009 (Universal Motown) and were featured on Channel 9 News (news leaders in the Denver market) that same year! In addition to hosting A Funk Above The Rest, Skip also hosts the award winning TV show “The Funk Chronicles” which is filmed in Dayton OH. In association with SJR Media Group, MSE Radio Network, and other affiliate agencies, we promote, contract, organize concerts, festivals, various musical experiences, and a host of other events!

Home of The International Funk Out!
This radio show is delivered “live” and in “prerecorded” formats to both terrestrial and digital broadcast stations! We’re revolutionizing urban R&B radio – You Ain’t Heard Nothing Like It!
On-Air Schedule
Saturday 09:00pm - 11:00pm A Funk Above The Rest

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